Cooking Equipment

40lb. Fryer Floor Standing
70-100lb. Fryer Floor Standing
15lb Fryer Electric Countertop

Countertop units (oven combo available)



Countertop Burners:
1 Burner
2 Burners
4 Burners

Range & Ovens:
4 Burners & Standard Oven
4 Burners & Convection Oven
6 Burners & Standard Oven
6 Burners & Convection Oven

Vertical Gyro

Countertop Ovens & Toasters:
Convection Oven
Toaster Oven
Toaster Oven with Conveyor
Pizza Oven Standard
Pizza Oven Convection Single
Pizza Oven Convection Double Deck

Warming Equipment:
2 Well Steam Table
3 Well Steam Table
4 Well Steam Table
Countertop food warmer
Countertop heat lamp
Countertop heat strip
Warming/proofing cabinet
Warming drawers
Hot Dog Warmer
French Fry Warmer

Cooling Equipment

Single door upright
Double door upright (not recommended on most vehicles)
Worktop Single Door
Worktop Single Door
Worktop Double Door
Sandwich Prep Table Single Door
Pizza Prep Table Single Door
Pizza Prep Table Double Door
Beverage Cooler
Display Cooler Clear Glass Door
Display Cooler
Bar Back Cooler
Chef Base

Single door upright
Double door upright (not recommended on most units)
Chest Freezer CuFt
Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets
4 Can Display
8 Can Display
12 Can Display

* If you do not see your equipment listed, please email us the brand name and model number and we'll get a quote*

Equipment Options

Once you've decided what you'll be serving from your mobile vending unit you can start choosing the equipment you'll be needing. Equipment prices vary based on brand, size and power type (i.e. electric, liquid propane or natural gas) so do your research thoroughly.

Some things to consider when comparing prices for the equipment, you'll need to add the cost of shipping & handling. Also, consider that deliveries are required to be at a commercial location as they require a forklift or loading dock.

Most cooking equipment will need to be LP (liquid propane) if they are listed as NG (natural gas) they can be converted but will need to add the expense of the conversion kit. All tables and equipment will need to be installed and securely mounted, we custom fabricate steel brackets for each piece.

When creating mock layouts for your mobile kitchen consider the location of the cooking equipment, all propane equipment needs to be under the exhaust hood, most builds will require 4 sinks (3 for ware washing & 1 hand sink), electrical panel and conduit for electrical as well as outlets and plugs take up several inches of space.

Most units have limited interior height (extended height is sometimes available) as such check equipment dimensions carefully to make sure they can fit inside. We often recommend worktop and prep refrigerators whenever possible as they give you an opportunity to have more work surfaces and shelving or cabinets above the units. Single door uprights can be used but double door upright refrigerators are used less often as they can overheat in small spaces.